SEWING LABELS – tips & tricks

We got the question on Instagram, if we can show different ways of sewing in our new labels and here we go! 

There are a lot of different ways of sewing in our labels, for example in the neckline, side seam or on the hem. Next to some inspo pictures we would like to show you how to sew an extra neat neckline, this is really easy and looks very professional!

Please let us know if you have any questions!


You can even sew the labels into the neckline, without an extra neckband. Sew the neckband first into the neck. 

Place the label in the centerback and sew with a frew stitches on the seam allowance only. 

This version is perfect to sew in the label when the garment is finished. 

For en extra detail you can even topstitch the neckline with an elastic stitch. 

You can even sew in the labels when bias binding the neck. Place the label in the centerback first and secure with a few stitches, bias bind the edge as normal. 


To make the crew neck extra neat, you can cover the seam in the backpiece. Cut the normal crew neck pattern piece, as well as a jersey band, that is 2,5 cm – 3 cm wide, and in the lenghts of the backpiece.

Close the neckband to a ring. Sew the short ends of the neckband together, right sides together, like it is shown in the normal crew neck instruction. Fold in half and iron, divide in quarters, as well as the neckline.

Sew the neckband, right sides together, at the same time as the extra band, on the neckline and place the seam in the center back. Stretch slightly to fit.

 Iron the extra band into the backpiece, fold and pin the band around the seam.

Lay it on the backpiece and topstitch close to the edge. Don´t forget to sew your label in, in this step.  You will see a seam on the backpiece, but all in all your neck look really neat.



When sewing the label in the sideseam, place the label on the right side of the front or backpiece and secure it with a few stitches, as you can see in the picture. Place then front and backpiece right sides together and sew the sideseam. 

This is the perfect way to sew in quite small labels, like our #cutsew label.


You can even sew labels on the hem. Finish the hem first. To get a nice edge on the label, fold the front about 0,5 to 1 cm and iron to secure.

Fold the label now around the hem and sew the upper edge. Eventually cut the backpiece of the label a bit.

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