Today’s sewing tip is a ruffle tutorial. 

How do you sew ruffle’s? Do you use the classic version with two threads or do you sew ruffle’s with the help of an elastic band?

We show you today both versions and some tips and tricks.

We hope we can help you if this is the first time for you sewing ruffles, if you struggled before or if you just want to try another method.


Please let us know if you have any questions!


 The beautiful picture on the top is from lillaedesign in her beautiful NORA.



1. To get even ruffles you can use a transparent elastic band. Our favourite is the Framiliastic T6 band from Vlieseline.  Cut the band in the same lengths as your top pieces. To simplify the sewing divide the band and the peplum in quarters.


2. Sew the band on the left sides of the peplum or the piece you would like to ruffle with your sewing machine, while sewing you need to stretch the elastic band a lot.

WITH 2 threads

1. Instead of using an elastic band you can ruffle your fabric on traditionally way with two threads. If you have a hard time pulling the right threads, use a different colour on each and you will easily seperate them. 


2. Apply two basting stitches on your sewing machine, use maximum stitch length. The first basting stitch should be at 0,5 cm (0,2“) from the upper edge and the second one 1 cm (0,4“) from the upper edge. Make sure you leave long loose threads at both ends. 


Now, you’re going to start pulling either the top threads or the bottom threads and start sliding your fabric together until you have the length of the top shirt. Make a knot on both sides.


1. Now your ruffled piece, in this case peplum  should fit perfectly on the top part of your t-shirt.


2. If you decided to sew the second version, you need to remove the second basting stitch after sewing the peplum to the upper shirt. 


3. Flip the seam up, iron and topsitch. Repeat for the back. 


1 thought on “RUFFLE TUTORIAL”

  1. Hej Ines!

    Thank you for your message and comment! 🙂
    You sew the second basting stitch 1 cm away from the edge, if you then sew the peplum on the top piece with a sewing allowance of 0,7 you can see the basting stitch, that’s why I remove it.
    If you are sewing with a sewing machine you can also adjust the sewing allowance when sewing the peplum / ruffled piece on the other piece to about 1,1 cm so that you cant see the second basting stitch and don´t need to remove it.

    I hope I could help you and it’s a bit more clear now!

    Have a nice day!
    Best wishes,

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