In one of our last posts we announced our exciting GIVE AWAY

The next few weeks we would like to give you some more inspiration and show you how other seamstresses work on their mini collections, as well as show you some fabric and pattern inspiration, which fabrics work together and how to combine patterns.


You can read an interview with Stina @stinasytt here.

And an interview with Hannah @hellohenry_ here.


Today we would like to present you three different collection ideas. 

The first one is a collection for women, and the other two for kids. 


When I choose fabrics for a new mini collection I like to choose first one statement fabric. My statement fabric is mostly a patterned fabric, but it can also be a fabric with a special structure or material. Then I like to choose other fabrics that match the statement fabric, that can be a matching colour or pattern. The great thing about Elvelyckan Design fabrics is that you can find a lot of fabrics in the same colour theme, that makes it really easy to create a collection that belongs together. 


But the great thing about sewing and creativity is that there are no limits. You can even choose 2 or more statement fabrics or create a very calm collection with only single coloured fabrics with different structures or materials. 


When it comes to choosing sewing patterns, I like to decide first for which season I sew the collection. In summer I probably don’t need a really thick sweater and in winter I won’t sew shorts. The next part is to plan how many pieces you would like to create. One or two bottom pieces for example a shorts, long pants or/ and skirt. One or two top pieces, that can be a t-shirt, blouse, top or/and a sweat jacket or cardigan. You can even sew one or two statement pieces that stick out a bit more, for example a dress.


The best thing is to combine all garments with another, that way you’ll get a lot of different outfit combinations with a small amount of garments, also known as capsule wardrobe.

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