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In our last post we announced our GIVE AWAY with the theme “mini collection”! Have you already started planning your collection? Or do you need a little bit more help how to start, and find the best patterns and fabrics? Then this post is for you! Today Hannah (@hellohenry_)tells about her best tips and tricks and even gives some tips how to photograph your collection!

Can you please start with introducing yourself?

My name is Hannah, I am 26 years old and I live with my husband, our son and our two cats In Gothenburg. When not sewing I study to become a preschool teacher while running a small childrens clothing brand. I’ve always loved creating and when I started sewing for my son in the summer of 2020 it was an instant crush! 


When did you start with mini collections and how many have you already sewn?

I made my first mini collection in the fall of 2020 and since then I’ve made two for my son and also a couple for my clothing brand.


How many garments are included in your collections? And how long do you need from start to finish?

When making a mini collection for my son I prefer to keep it to 7-10 garments. That’s just because otherwise the collection takes over his whole wardrobe and I kind of want to have room for other styles and colors as well. There is no limit to how many garments you can include in your collection, but at some point it goes from being a mini collection to a larger collection. How much time it takes from start to finish depends on how many garments I include and how easy/advanced they are.


Have you ever sewn a whole collection for yourself? Or do you would like to do this in the future?

No I haven’t but that is definitely something I want to do in the future!


Can you tell us a bit more about how to plan a mini collection? How to choose and combine fabrics and patterns? Sometimes a big selection of fabrics and patterns can feel overwhelming.

I always draw my plans in photoshop, and before I learnt how to do that I drew them on paper. I think that seeing your garments and fabrics together gives you a much better overview than planning in your head. If you want to work with several different colors you could also try putting them in a collage to see how they match. I also try to plan my collections around a few key pieces! These key pieces sets the theme and color scheme for the collection. 


Do you have any tips for mini collection beginners?

  • Always plan ahead so that you have all the material that you need!

  • Draw your plans.

  • Keep it simple – don’t forget the basics! Everything in your collection does not have to be extra wow, you could work around some key pieces and add some basic garments to these. 


Do you have any tips on how to photograph a collection? 

Natural light is a good start! I love to make flatlays when photographing my garments, but when making a collection with a lot of different (and sometimes large) pieces, flatlays can be quite difficult. If you want to do a flat lay of your collection, try to find a background that doesn’t steal focus from your garments. You can use a large bed sheet or a large paper (These can often be found in your local art supply store and in some hardware stores). Otherwise you can photograph them hanging on a clothing rack or wall hooks.

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