Handmade Christmas gift GUIDE

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for your loved ones that should be personal but the clock is ticking and you are running out of time?

Then we have some ideas for you!

Ville penning chain

Ville is one of our newest patterns and a very easy make. Perfectly as a decoration for Christmas with wintery fabrics, your next birthday party, balcony or just as a decoration that works all year round.

LUNA sleeping mask

Are you looking for a relaxing Christmas gift? Or to someone who was stressed the last time? Why don’t you pack a little spa box and add a handmade sleeping mask!

Cara gift bag

Cara is not a gift itself but very easy to pack your gifts in, reusable and moreover environment friendly! 

Noel stocking

Are you looking for a small present for your neighbours or your colleges? Make small or big stockings with our NOEL pattern and add some candies, a twig and some handmade candles.

Polly potholder

Everybody needs potholders in the Christmas baking season. Why don’t you bring your family or friends new ones when you are meeting to make some Christmas delicacies!

Hilda bed set

A little bit bigger project, but still very beginner friendly is the Hilda bed set. Why don’t you make a luxurious new bed set? A very unique present that you don’t get too often! And it’s a very useful present as well! 

Hygge pillow case

If you don’t want to make a whole bed set this one could be an idea for you! Why don’t you make some handmade pillows? Easy to customize in colour, or add a fun application!


A great present for school kids or your sister/brother/partner. 

You can make very simple and stylish gym sacks or fun and playful ones! 

Also a great gift to make together with someone and teach how to sew!