We are so excited to start into March with a special project and we would like you to get involved. We would like to start a give away with the theme MINI COLLECTIONS.

We see a lot of beautiful and creative mini collections on Instagram and it seems like a lot of you like them, too. 

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to choose fabrics and patterns for a mini collection, therefore we asked Stina (stinasytt) about her best tips and tricks on how to plan, combine and sew a mini collection. 


how to enter: 


  • Use minimum 2 different Elvelyckan Design fabrics

  • Sew minimum 4 garments (ca. 2 Outfits) 

  • Mini collection does not mean that the collection needs to be for children, you can even sew a collection for yourself / partner / friend….

  • Use #elvelyckancollection and tag @elvelyckandesign on your Instagram post (you need to have an open profile otherwise we will not see your posts) or send your collection via Mail to



Our Elvelyckan Design Team will then choose 10 collections,

after that it’s the followers turn to vote for your favorite mini collection in

ELVELYCKAN DESIGNS Instagram Stories. 

We will announce 3 winners with the most votes and present the collections on our cut&sew blog. 


The 3 winners will receive a SURPRISE PACKAGE valued a 100€ from Elvelyckan Design and CUT&SEW patterns!!


interview with stina (stinasytt):

Hi Stina, thank you so much for this interview with you! 


Can you please start with introducing yourself?

I´m Stina, 30 years old. I live on the island of Gotland with my husband and our two sons. I work within communications but am on maternity leave at the moment. I’ve always enjoyed being creative but started sewing quite recently, about 2,5 years ago when my oldest son was born. I mostly sew clothes for my children but every once in a while I sew something for myself or friends and family.

when did you start with mini collections and how many have you already sewn?

I have only sewn a few yet since I got inspired by Monika @6tendesign on Instagram. But I love it! It is actually a really empowering feeling to see all the garments you have created in one big flatlay. I also like the concept of having a “capsule wardrobe” for my children, a wardrobe with clothes that can be combined in numerous ways. I also think it is really great from a climate perspective since you can get really creative and use every scrap of fabric when creating a collection.

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How many garments are included in your collections? And how long do you need from start to finish?

At the moment I am working on a collection consisting of 20+ garments, but the one before was containing approx 15. I also like to create matching outfits for siblings and cousins, and those collections are often smaller, about 4-6 pieces. It is difficult to rate the amount of time spent but maybe around 2-3 weeks for a larger collection.


Have you ever sewn a whole collection for yourself? Or do you would like to do this in the future?

I haven´t but It would really be a fun challenge, maybe I will someday!


Can you tell us a bit more about how to plan a mini collection? How to choose and combine fabrics and patterns? Sometimes a big selection of fabrics and patterns can feel overwhelming.

I usually make a simple sketch in my “projects notepad” to get a rough idea of what I want to create but the plan can change over time, for me it is important that the creative process is fun and in a “learning by doing”-manner. With that said – don´t take it too seriously, sewing is fun!


But a good thing is to choose a theme to narrow down your options – maybe a color, an animal, a pattern designer or such. I get more creative when I have a frame to be creative whitin.


Do you have any tips for mini collection beginners?

– Draw a sketch of your collection (it doesn’t have to look good!)

– Choose a theme

– Have 1-3 “statement pieces” in your collection and let the other garments be easier ones.

– Color-blocking and applications is a great way to make the most out of your fabrics.

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