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Today is the second of advent that means it is time for another free Cut & Sew pattern. 

This time we would like to give you a pattern for a sustainable alternative to wrapping paper. 

We always wrap all of our presents into wrapping paper and on christmas eve the whole living room turns into a dumping room. In my family we reuse wrapping paper as long as it looks nice. This was not just good for the environment, it was also nice remembering what was in the wrapping paper before. 

After some research I found out that every person uses approximately 100 g present paper every year, that makes about 1023 tons of trash in Sweden, and not every paper can be recycled easily. 

With the help of our pattern you can make reusable gift bags in 3 different sizes and with two different closing variations. You can easily use some leftover fabrics for the smaller bag. 

Sewing this pattern with lightweight fabrics you can use it for vegetables and fruits in the supermarket, all year round. 

Here are some other alternatives you can use instead of wrapping paper: 

1.use old newspaper or magazine pages

2. Reuse a box from the last pair of shoes you bought or from a online order

3. Reuse glass jars

4. Use a basket, you can also find a lot of nice baskets in second hand shops and it’s easy to reuse it in everyday life   

Don´t forget to DOWNLOAD the CARA Christmas gift bag pattern! 


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