Christmas fabrics

Now it is not long until Christmas anymore. Soon it’s already the 3. of Advent. It’s getting darker and darker outside and more cozy inside. 

It’s time to enjoy this special time of the year! 

Sit down, enjoy some warm tea, a book or a knitting project or some sewing time! 

And of course some Christmas baking.  

What are your favorite christmas cookies? Let us know in the comments. 

My favorite swedish Christmas candies are “Knäck” and “Lussekatter” and I am really happy that we, at Elvelyckan Design, got some GOTS certified fabrics with these delicious pastry on. 


We also collected some beautiful pictures we would like to show you. 

Our inspo sewers sewed beautiful kids and adult clothes for a dressed up or a relaxed Christmas, as well as some accessoires. 

We hope we can inspire each other! 


And now it’s your turn to test these christmas candies yourself, instead of travelling you can get some swedish culture home into your kitchen.

I really hope you like them too!


Swedish “knäck” recipe

“Knäck” is a swedish Christmas toffee. The name translates into “crack” and refers to it’s hard consistency.


180 g Sugar

200 ml Cream or oat creme ( for milk free version)

260 g Golden syrup

65 g chopped almonds

You will need mini cupcake molds ( 1,5 cm high and 5 cm diameter)

  1. First of all prepare your molds and place them on a tray.

  2. Mix sugar, cream and syrup in a pan. Let it meld and heat up to 125 degree celsius. Use a thermometer to control the temperature. 

  3. Take the pan from the heat and mix in the almonds. Fill in the liquid toffee in the prepared molds with a little spoon. Please note to work quick here before the toffee hardens again. 

 After filling all molds let them harden. Store them cold and dry. 

Swedish “Lussekatter” recipe

“Lussekatter” or “Lussebullar” is a spiced bun that is flavoured with saffron and contains dry fruits.


50 g yeast 

175 g butter or margarine

2 packages saffron à ½ g

180 g sugar 

500 ml milk or oat milk 

½ tablespoons salt

Ca. 1 kg Flour

Egg or milk for brushing the buns, raisin

  1. Crumble yeast in a mixing bowl. 

  2. Melt the butter or margarine in a pan.

  3. Mortar saffron together with a little bit of sugar and add it to the melted butter. Add the milk and let it get warm to around 37 degree celsius.

  4. Add some of the milk – butter mixture to the yeast and mix until it’s dissolved. Add the rest of the milk – butter mixture, as well as sugar and salt.

  5. Add flour and knead about 5 minutes with a kitchen machine or abou 10 minutes by hand. Let it sit for 45 minutes. 

  6. Knead again on a floured work surface.

  7. Form Lussekatter. Here are some pictures with some versions how to make them: KLICK

  8. Let the dough rise again for about 30 – 45 minutes.

  9. Put the oven on 200 degree celsius

  10. Brush with egg or milk and add 2 rosins on each bun.

  11. Bake them for about 8 to 10 minutes until golden brown.




Sweater: TEDDY Cut&Sew

Leggings: threadsbycaroline



Leggings: brindilletwig 

Knäck dress: lowlandkids

Dress ribbed knit: NORA Cut&Sew 

Lussekatter dungarees: Ottobre 6/2018

Shirt vertical gold: vagabondstitch

Shirt lussekatter: threadsbycaroline



Playsuit: jubelogbaluba


Sweater: NORA Cut&Sew

Knäck shirt: NORA Cut&Sew

Gift bags: CARA Cut&Sew
Leggings: Ottobre



Knäck shirt: NORA Cut&Sew

Sweater ribbed knit:TEDDY Cut&Sew

Knäck trousers: brindilletwig

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