FLEECE fabrics

Today we would like to introduce you to our fleece fabrics.

Fleece is a knitted fabric, like jersey fabrics – the loops will be cut and roughened to get the soft and cozy surface. It’s a perfect material for warm clothes, especially in this time of the year.

First we would like to give you some tips on how to cut, prepare and sew your projects followed by some inspo pictures. 


Sewing needle:

– Jersey needles or

– Microtex needles

Depending on how many layers of fleece fabrics you sew, we would recommend needle size 80 to 90.

Sewing thread:

You will need a tear resistant thread, therefore we are not recommending cotton thread. 

We will recommend Gütermann threads –> psst you can even find matching Gütermann threads at elvelyckandesign.com, they are made with 100% polyester, are tear resistant, heavy-duty and will not shrink in the washing machine.  


Sewing machine:

Because fleece is an elastic fabric, you will need to choose an elastic stitch. 

You can choose a zigzag stitch, triple straight stitch or fake overlock stitch on your sewing machine or use an overlock machine. 


Tips for cutting fleece fabrics: 

We would recommend to not use your best fabric scissors and fold away the knife in your overlock machine. Due to synthetic particles in fleece fabrics, scissors tend to get blunt. 

Tomorrow we will show you more about our big knit fabric. You can get the FLEECE & BIG KNIT fabric now 30% off, while stocks last!!

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Jacket: threadsbycaroline

pants: Ottobre Design



Sweater: TEDDY Cut&Sew




Jacket: Jubelogbaluba




Jacket: modifiet VERA Cut&Sew pattern 

–choosed a size bigger, added some more width on sleeve pattern, 

added a zipper and rounded the corners to make bias binding easier–

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