We are overwhelmed with how many of you participated in our mini collection GIVEAWAY!!
You all made beautiful mini collections, if you would like to have a look on all collections click HERE.




It was really hard to choose just a few collections that will go into the voting process on Instagram.

That’s why we decided to choose 16 instead of 10 collections, and 4 winners instead of 3. 

You had the possibility to vote for your favorite collections on Instagram.

And the four collections with the most votes in total won the giveaway.

Sadly it’s not possible to show all collections here on our blog, but we would like to show the winner collections in detail and what the idea and inspiration was behind every collection. 

We will definitely make a similar competition again in the future!


I wanted to create a collection for my 2,5 year old girl. She absolutely loves Pippi so the fabric choice was easy. I started to think about Pippi’s clothes and wanted to sew similar but with a vintage twist. My girl loves practical clothes – clothes that are comfy and suitable for playing. The flower jacket and ”Pippi” vest are her favourite pieces from the collection.


I made this collection with the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I ordered all the fabrics together.

I actually started making a collection for my daughter in the beautiful lavender coloured fabrics.

I liked it so much that I decided to make one for my son as well. It was a challenge for me to mix and match with the same shades of colour. Usually I make a set with just two or three items. So besides it was for the competition, it also was a personal challenge. The fact that so many people liked it as well, was such a great honor.

I’m very grateful and honored.


The inspiration behind «The Ocean Children Collection» are my two boys and our shared love for the ocean. We live close to the ocean and spend as much time there as possible. Some of my best childhood memories are exploring life by and in the sea together with my family, and I am hoping my children will have just as many lovely memories to look back on when they get older! I chose to use soft, stretchy fabrics for my collection together with patterns that allow my kids to play and explore freely. I am so looking forward to warmer weather and seeing my boys playing at the beach in my very own minicollection this summer!


The idea for this collection came to me one time when my partner dressed Vidar for preschool in two very different garments from two very different sets. The outfit was horrible and even though it was quite funny to look at I started thinking about how I could make it easier for my partner to pick clothes in the morning. The solution was simple; make a collection of garments that all go well together. Pick two colors and only a few different kind of prints to keep it basic and easy to match. 


I planned the collection in my head for several weeks and bought fabrics with the right feel to them before I started to plan more carefully and make sketches. The choice to go with Elvelyckan’s fabrics was an easy one to make. The quality is amazing and the colors are beautiful and easy to mix. Cappuccino and Green are the colors I chose and I am so happy I did, they are truly perfect for a spring collection! 


And how perfect that Elvelyckan announced this competition during this time??? It has been so inspiring to see all the other beautiful collections and I am so grateful to be one of the winners!


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