INTERVIEW with @alminiwear

There are so many creative and talented people out there! And you inspire us every day with sewing in our fabrics and patterns!

We are so thankful for all your lovely pictures and all your support! 

We would like to present you time by time some seamstresses to get to know each other and to get inspired. 

Today we would like to present to you Daniela also known as @alminiwear

Daniela has so many fun and playful ideas and is making beautiful and unique clothes for her daughter and also started to sew a little bit more for herself. 

We not only love her finished clothes, we also love her drawings and plans she makes beforehand and we are very happy to show you some before and after pictures today.


Daniela Sonehag


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Who are you? Please introduce yourself shortly!

My name is Daniela, I’m 26 years old and live in Gothenburg with my partner and our daughter. I started sewing childrens clothing for her at the end of the summer in 2019 and got hooked instantly. I have been sewing a little bit before that, but it has mostly been items related to our home. The first garment I made was when I was about 12 years old. I saw the movie “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire” and fell in love with the pink dress Hermione wore at the Yule ball in the movie. I searched through my mothers’ stash of fabric and sewing magazines and found a pink satin fabric and a pattern for a dress. The magazine was from the 80’s and the dress looked nothing like Hermoines when I was done with it. 


What are you working with, when you are not sewing? What would be your dream job?  

In the spring of 2021 I’m writing my master’s thesis in Architecture and I’m hopefully a graduated architect in June. I would say that being an architect is my dream job, and has been since I was 14. I’m therefore very excited about my upcoming graduation and what the future will bring. 


Where are you sewing? Do you have your own room/corner…?

I unfortunately don’t have my own sewing space. Everytime I want to use the sewing machine I have to take it out of my wardrobe and place it on the dinner table. It is very time consuming to bring everything out and then clean it away when I’m done, so I usually sew for a few hours in a row when I have the opportunity. 


What is your favorite kind of fabric? 

My favorites are jersey, college and muslin.


What is your sewing project at the moment?

Right now I don’t have a sewing project due to lack of time for sewing. My goal is however to make more garments for myself this year. 


Do you like to work at one project at a time or several projects at the same time?  

I always finish a project before starting a new one. I’m the kind of person who loves to start up new projects and buy new fabric, so I need a rule for myself where I have to finish every project if it’s possible.


What do you like most about sewing?

I have always loved to be creative. When I was a child I used to make earrings and necklaces for my grandmother and her friends. I love sewing because I can make something and then see my daughter wearing it. I also find it relaxing to sew and listen to a podcast or audio book. 


Who would you like to read more about?

There are so many inspiring people on instagram that I would like to read more about. A few of them are @s.e.bro, @drommeriet and

Thank you so much for your time Daniela! Don’t forget to have a look at @alminiwear on Instagram!

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