To get some inspiration we interviewed our last mini collection winners. They tell a bit about their favourite autumn colours, fabrics and how they plan, sew and photograph their collections. 

Today we start with Bettina from

Are you taking part in this mini collection giveaway? How do you plan your next collection  Who is it for? Which colour theme are you choosing? What is your favourite colour this autumn?

  • This was so much fun the last time, so I wouldn’t miss it for the world! No plans so far other than the color Toffee! Oh my this color is gorgeous! I’m thinking toffee, black and creme will have the right autumn-feel to them.The collection will be for my 2 year old son, Vidar!

What is your favourite activity on a grey autumn day?

  • Sewing of course. Or watching a good movie with my family.. and chocolate. 

Let us know which one is your favourite fabric from Elvelyckan Design´s autumn collection?

Can you tell us a bit more about how to plan a mini collection in general? How to choose and combine fabrics and patterns? Sometimes a big selection of fabrics and patterns can feel overwhelming.

  • For me it helps to do something simple. I choose three colors at the most and one print that defines the collection. After that I built the collection around that print. I choose solids and simple prints like stripes or dots that go well with that one print. I always try to think that all garments should match well with each other. Don’t go overboard with lots of different prints even though it’s tempting (I mean look at Elvelyckans latest News?!)

    When it comes to patterns I try to go simple here as well. Focus on one garment to be the centerpiece of the collection and put some extra energy on that. The rest of the pieces I tend to pick everyday garments that are easy to wear. 

Do you have any tips for mini collection beginners?

  • Sketch it, cut it, sew it and have fun!

Have you ever sewn a whole collection for yourself? Or would you like to do this in the future?

  • I haven’t but I would really like to some day!

Do you have any tips on how to photograph a collection? 

  • Oh I’m really not the right person to answer this, so many are so much better than me! 

    But I love to do flatlays and always try to find new ways to present the clothes I make. It’s a challenge though as so many seem to be so good at it which really puts the pressure on! 

    I use a very large and thick piece of paper with vinyl on it as a background and choose a room with a better light. Then I just have a little fun with placing the garments and decorate with some greens or/and a cute toy. A pic from a distance is always good to help see the entire collection in full. Then add some close-ups and live pics for extra effect!