INTERVIEW mini collection @efandy.collection

Some of you are already finished with the mini collections and we love to follow them on Instagram under #elvelyckancollection

For all of you who are still in the beginning, in the middle of the process or just need to take some pictures, today’s blog post could be helpful.

Today Elin @elfandy.collection talks about her best tips and tricks and even gives some great photo advice!


We are looking forward to all the beautiful mini collections! Let’s stay creative!


Can you please start with introducing yourself?

Absolute! My name is Elin and I’m a 27 years old mom of 2 from Malmo, Sweden. I started to sew when I was waiting for my first child 4 years ago, but started to sew baby nests first. Around 2 years ago I got addicted to sew baby clothes for my kids and today it is one of my biggest passions. 


When did you start with mini collections and how many have you already sewn?

It is a big trend to sew mini collections right now and I really love the concept. I have only made a few collections, in the last year I think I have made 3 of them. And if i don’t sew mini collections i always sew completed outfits or sibling-matches.


How many garments are included in your collections? And how long do you need from start to finish?

I try to have a variation of many different garments, so you can mix and match. I like to have 2-3 different pants, 2-3 different shirts and then one or two jackets/hoodies and some accessories like hats, bows… I like to sew in the evening after my children go to sleep, so if I sew a whole collection it takes at least 4-5 evenings.


Have you ever sewn a whole collection for yourself? Or do you would like to do this in the future?

Oh no, but I would like to in the future. I have just sewn single garments for myself. 


Can you tell us a bit more about how to plan a mini collection? How to choose and combine fabrics and patterns? Sometimes a big selection of fabrics and patterns can feel overwhelming.

First i choose around 2 matching patterned fabrics, i like when they are in the same color-palette. Then I complete with solid fabrics who match the patterned fabrics and try to plan a good variation of garments matching with the different fabrics. Don’t be afraid to do many details, that makes your collection more fun and more unique. I love to use heat transfer vinyl to make my garments unique.


Do you have any tips for mini collection beginners?

Search for inspiration on Instagram and then find a fabric that you love. Plan the garments so you can wear them all together. I know some people plan their garments before they choose fabrics, but I like to start with searching for a fabric that I love. Then I can let my creativity take its course and try to make most out of the fabric to create beautiful clothes.


Do you have any tips on how to photograph a collection?

There are many ways to take great pictures of your collection, for example use self-adhesive hooks and try to photograph your garments hanging on the wall. ( Just a little tip, be careful with the wallpaper, try to make the hook less sticky before you glue it on the wall ).

When photographing flatlays you can use a big piece of  paper or cardboard, a plastic mat or even a pull down curtain. 

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