To get some inspiration we interviewed our last mini collection winners. They tell a bit about their favourite autumn colours, fabrics and how they plan, sew and photograph their collections. 

Today we are going to hear some tips and tricks from @marthe.syr 

Are you taking part in this mini collection giveaway? How do you plan your next collection  Who is it for? Which colour theme are you choosing? What is your favourite colour this autumn?

  • Of course I am! I was so happy when I saw there was a new mini collection challenge, it is so inspiring! Like last time, I am going to be sewing clothes for my two sons, which are one and three years old. This autumn I am really into brown and beige colours, and earthly tones will also be the colour theme for my collection! The colours toffee and cappuccino are my favorites.

What is your favourite activity on a grey autumn day?

  • Baking or reading books together with my kids. When they are put to bed in the evening it’s time for some «me-time» and then there is nothing better than sewing while listening to good music or a podcast.

Let us know which one is your favourite fabric from Elvelyckan Design´s autumn collection?

  • It’s so hard to choose just one! I absolutely love the rockets, and together with some stripes or dots I think they will make some really cool outfits for my boys. I am also looking forward to try out the new merino wool fabrics!

Can you tell us a bit more about how to plan a mini collection in general? How to choose and combine fabrics and patterns? Sometimes a big selection of fabrics and patterns can feel overwhelming.

  • I start with choosing one or two printed fabrics that I love, and combine it with matching solids, stripes or dots. I also like to use different types of fabrics for variation in textures, and for an autumn collection I think college, ribbed knit, velour and merino wool will be perfect! When choosing patterns I recommend patterns which have some different options in it, so you can make garments that look and feel different and unique without having to use so much time tracing and cutting a lot of different patterns. Nora and Teddy are great examples with a lot of possibilities. I would recommend to focus on a few garments making them more detailed and special, and then add some easy and quick to sew garments to your collection, like leggings, beanies and basic t-shirts.

Do you have any tips for mini collection beginners?

  • My best tip is to make a sketch before you start, so you get a taste of how your finished collection will look like. I also think it gets easier to choose what fabrics and patterns to use when sketching first. I sketch on paper using colour pencils, and that works great. And of course, it is perfectly fine to change your mind while making the collection. The most important thing is to have fun and sew exactly what you feel like in the moment!

Have you ever sewn a whole collection for yourself? Or would you like to do this in the future?

  • Actually, I have never even tried sewing anything for myself. I really want to try it in the future, and maybe a collection would be perfect to get me started?

Do you have any tips on how to photograph a collection? 

  • I love seeing the whole collection in a flatlay! I use cardboard paper or a white roller blind as a background for my pictures. If you made some nice details on a garment, you can show it off with some close ups. I think using daylight is best when taking photos, so taking some live pictures outside is great, and that way you also get to show how the clothes look on!