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We finished March with introducing you to our SENNA skirt and would like to start the same way into April.

Today we would like to introduce you to our CLEO culotte pattern. The pattern includes a lot of variations, you can choose between 4 different lenghts, 2 pocket versions and 2 waistband versions, as well as an optional slim version. The instructions are written as simple as possible, so regardless if this is your first trouser or fifth, we hope you will have both fun and success in sewing CLEO. 


This pattern is perfect for spring and summer to sew airy pants that are perfect for hot summer days or chilly spring days.  

You can sew with jersey & college fabrics, as well as woven cotton or muslin. 

In particular fabrics with a nice drape are suitable for this pattern, for example viscose or bamboo fabrics both woven and knitted. 


How do you plan to sew your next CLEO culottes? Let us know in the comments.






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You can already find some inspiration pictures with the help of these hashtags, but we would love to show you also a few pictures here. 

All culottes are beautifully sewn and we are really happy to show them here. 

Thanks to all of you! You give us so much inspiration and remember we can inspire each other!


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